E-Publishing Program

General Editor:

Mohamad al-Asad, CSBE Founding Director


CSBE is undertaking a project that aims at publishing on the Internet a variety of information that includes the presentations it is organizing as part of its architectural forum, Diwan al-Mimar, and its public lecture series, and the training courses that CSBE is organizing. The CSBE e-publishing program is being funded by a grant from the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. Additional support is being provided by Darat al-Funun - The Khalid Shoman Foundation.

The publication process includes a number of phases. For example, in the case of presentations, each presentation is taped and consequently transcribed. The transcription is used to prepare a detailed essay dealing with each presentation. The essays contain extensive information about the contents of the presentations, and although they aim at documenting the presentations, they partially provide an interpretation of them. Also important is that the essays present the questions and discussions that take place following each presentation. The process is, of course, carried out in coordination with the persons delivering the lectures.

In addition, hyperlinks are provided for each published presentation that connect the reader to web sites containing information of relevance to the subject of the presentation. These hyperlinks can be updated regularly, by the editors of the project and through the participation of the readers themselves. The published lectures will also provide readers with the opportunity to make comments, ask questions, and to exchange ideas with other readers and with the lecturers who delivered the presentations. Consequently, such a publishing process means that each of the published presentations is not viewed as a finished product, but as one that is being continuously discussed and developed.

Categories of presentations:

The presentations that CSBE is publishing belong to a number of interrelated and overlapping categories. On the one hand, one can classify the presentations geographically since a group of them deals with issues relating to Jordan, a second group addresses issues relating to the Arab world, and a third group deals with issues that are international in their scope. In terms of subject matter, the following categories have been represented: 

Architectural education

Architectural history, theory, and criticism

Architectural practice

Architecture and the information revolution

Conservation of heritage sites

Construction technologies



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