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Most of CSBE’s work on landscape design was carried out through two projects: the Water conserving Landscapes I: Water Efficiency and Public Information for Action Project (WEPIA); and the Water Conserving Landscapes II: The Instituting Water Demand Management in Jordan Project  (IDARA). Below is an overview of each project as well as links to the publications and films produced through them.

Three short movies covering the topics of: 

Best Management Practices Guides:

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Water Conserving Landscapes II: The Instituting Water Demand Management in Jordan Project (IDARA); 2007 - 2012

Water Conserving Landscapes I: The Water Efficiency for Public Information and Action Project (WEPIA); 2001 - 2004

Project teams:
Prime Contractor:

Academy for Educational Development (AED), Washington, D.C.

Deema Aburizik, Research and Coordination Officer
Mohammad al-Asad, Director
Dalia al-Husseini, Research and Coordination Officer
Saja Jardaneh, Financial Officer
Hania Maraqa, Research and Coordination Officer (up to June 2002)
Stephen Mcllwaine, Coordination Officer (up to February 2002)
Majd Musa, Web Site Administrator and Research Officer
Lara Zureikat, Technical Manager

University of Arizona:
Richard G. Brittain, Assistant Research Professor, School of Architecture
Val L. Little, Manager, Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona
Margaret Livingston, Assistant Professor, School of Landscape Architecture

Project consultants:
Osman Akoz: Photographer
Tania al-Attia: Horticulturist
Mazen Daqqaq: Horticulturist
Maher Qishawi: Botanist

Special thanks are due to Mr. Shuja' al-Asad for his invaluable help in editing the Arabic language publications for the project, and to Mr. Abd al-Rahim Jardaneh of Tuneib Farms and Nursery for contributing the venue for workshops and seminars organized within the context of this project. Both have made their contributions to the project on a pro bono basis.

The project was initiated in April 2007 and continued until March 2012. CSBE engaged in a number of activities that included the development of training courses on water-wise landscaping for the municipal sector, the provision of technical assistance to municipalities in the design of water-wise parks, and the production of a Water Use Efficiency Guide. In addition, CSBE provided technical assistance to both public and private nurseries. In collaboration with Professor Margaret Livingston, CSBE conducted several workshops with Jordanian universities to integrate a water-wise landscaping module in architectural coursework.

Project teams:
Prime contractor:

Development Alternatives Incorporated (DAI), Bethesda, MD.

Ahmad Abu Khalaf: Research and Coordination Officer (December 2011-March 2012)
Nur Alfayez: Research and Coordination Officer (September 2008 - December 2011)
Mohammad al-Asad: Founding Director
Dalia al-Husseini: Project Manager (March 2008 - October 2009)
Joud Khasawneh: Planning Officer (September 2007 - February 2012)
Stephan McIlwaine: Director (up to June 2010)
Lara Zureikat: Associate Director

Project consultants:
Awatef Akur: Trainer, Agricultural Engineer
Mazen Daqqaq: Horticulturist
Thair Hafiz: Trainer, Agricultural Engineer
Hind Hussein: Illustrator
Majd Musa: Web Site Administrator
Margaret Livingston: Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Arizona, Tucson
Majed Sabarini: Irrigation Specialist

Water Demand Management Unit supporting team:
Nisreen Haddadin: Director, Water Demand Management Unit, Ministry of Water and Irrigation (WDMU, MWI)
Suad Nasser: Agricultural Engineer, WDMU, MWI
Ahmad Oleimat: Agricultural Engineer, WDMU, MWI

Special thanks are due to H.E. Maysoon al-Zubi, Secretary General of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Ms. Setta Tutundjian, Project Management Specialist at USAID, and to Mohammad Chebaane, Hala Dahlan, and the entire DAI team for their invaluable support during the project.

The project was initiated in March 2001 and continued until the end of 2004. The components of the project include publishing information in both Arabic and English on water conserving landscapes in the form of posters, brochures, and booklets. In addition, CSBE has devoted a section of its web site to publishing detailed information on the subject of water conserving landscapes. The project also has been involved in organizing interactive workshops that train participants in the principles and practices of creating water conserving landscapes. Furthermore, the project encompasses an implementation phase that incorporates the design and construction of a model water conservation demonstration garden. Another component of the project provided technical assistance to Jordanian community-based organizations for the development of nurseries specialized in the propagation of native drought tolerant plants.

This project was carried out in association with the University of Arizona in Tucson, an internationally recognized center for research and teaching related to landscaping for water-scarce environments.