Project on Water Conserving Landscapes


The CSBE project on water conserving landscapes was primarily funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with the Ministry of Water and Irrigation


The CSBE project on water conserving landscapes is concerned with the development of aesthetically pleasing landscapes that also conserve the use of water. Such aims can be achieved through a variety of means, which include using native and drought tolerant vegetation, making maximum use of rainfall runoff, and incorporating hard-covered ground surfaces (consisting of materials such as pebbles, stone, brick, and concrete) in landscape designs, rather than relying exclusively on surfaces covered with vegetation.

Considering Jordan's scarce water resources, implementing the principles and practices necessary for the creation of water conserving landscapes is of paramount importance. However, such principles and practices are not widespread in Jordan, and this project therefore aimed at disseminating and promoting them in the country. Consequently, this project hopefully will contribute to developing, on a wide scale, environmentally and climatically sensitive water saving landscaping solutions that are both creative and attractive, and that can be applied to open areas ranging from small private gardens to public parks.