Commemoration of the late Jordanian architect Jafar Tukan (1938 – 2014)


The Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE) has collaborated with Archnet to create an online section on the Archnet site to commemorate the late Jordanian architect Jafar Tukan (1938 – 2014). Jafar Tukan was one of the most important architects of his generation in the Arab world. He was heavily influenced by his connection to three Levantine cities: Nablus, Beirut, and Amman, and his work extended to include nearly all aspects of architecture and planning.

Tukan's commemoration on Archnet showcases a selection of his work, and includes images of his projects, videos, and publications.

This project was completed with the support of Shadi Abdulsalam, Partner Architect, Consolidated Consultants Group in Amman.

Visit the commemoration page on Archnet's website.