Multi-Storey Parking Structures in Amman 

During the 1960s and early 1970s, Amman underwent important changes connected to enhancing vehicular movement in the city. These included paving over the Amman Creek and covering it with a street, installing the city’s first traffic light, and constructing its first multi-storey parking garage. This list presents a number of these garages in Amman.

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1.  Shabsogh Parking Complex


41 Shabsogh Street

Early 1970s

Client: Greater Amman Municipality, Ministry of Finance, and the Housing Bank

Parking floors: 9

Capacity: 390 cars

This is Amman’s first parking structure, and remains one of its largest. It incorporates a waffle-slab structural system.



2. Al Fuhais Commercial Complex


33 King al-Hussein Street


Architect: Rukn al-Handasah

Client: Sweiss and Sons

Parking floors: 10

Capacity: 140 cars

Plans initially were made for this structure to be a commercial complex. After its first four stories were built, however, it was decided that its remaining ten floors would be constructed as a parking structure to accommodate the need for parking in its surrounding busy and congested area. The upper ten floors use a waffle-slab structural system instead of the post-and-beam system used for the first four floors. It may be accessed from Jabal al-Luweibdeh (at the top of the structure) or from the downtown area (at the bottom of the structure).

In 2012, writings were added to the elevation of the structure as part of the “Sentences on the Banks and Other Activities” project by the Khalid Shoman Foundation / Darat al-Funun, which is located nearby the structure in Jabal al-Luweibdeh. The writings are excerpts from a poem by French-Moroccan poet Mohamed El-Baz. Additional information on the project is available here.



3.  SmartPark Automatic Parking


69 Princess Taghrid Mohammad Street


Architect: al-Suki Architects & Consulting Engineers

Client: JoPark – Jordanian Company for Parking Solutions

Parking floors: 4

This is Jordan’s first smart automated parking structure. It is located in Amman’s busy and congested Sweifieh district. Because it is an automated parking structure, the need for circulation areas is eliminated, parking capacity is maximized, and a relatively small building footprint is achieved.



4. The Specialty Hospital Parking


Hunayn Bin Ishaq Street


Designers: JoPark - Jordanian Company for Parking Solutions

Parking floors: 9

Capacity: 104 cars



5.  Al-Etihad Bank Parking

Abdul Raheem al-Waked Street


Architects: al-Suki Architects & Consulting Engineers

Parking floors: 5

Capacity: 110 cars

This automated parking structure uses solar energy to help power the equipment used to move the cars parked in it.

(Watch this one-minute video showing how the structure’s automated parking system functions: