November 2005

Completed Projects: 

Construction work was completed on the AITC Building in the Shmeisani area of Amman. The 4,400 square-meter, 2.6-million JD (3.6-million $US) project was designed by Kayyali and Fasheh Architects and Engineers for al-Fadel International Trading Company (AITC).

The final phase of the renovation of al-Harith bin 'Umayr al-Azdi Tomb in Busayra was completed. The renovation work was implemented by the Ministry of Awqaf, Islamic Affairs and Holy Places for a total cost of 600,000 JD (845,000 $US). (Source: al-Ghad, November 9, 2005)

Construction work on the expansion of the Jarash Rehabilitation Center was completed. The Ministry of Social Development project consists of a 2,600 square-meter addition to the center for a cost of 800,000 JD (around 1.13 million $US). The total area of the center after the expansion is 7,200 square meters. (Source: al-Ra'i, November 17, 2005)


 Initiation of Projects:

Construction work started on al-Ghad TV station in Amman for the Jordan United TV Station Company. The project, which was designed by the Consolidated Consultants – Jafar Tukan Architect, will occupy an area of 12,000 square meters and is expected to cost 10 million JD (14 million $US). It will include TV production studios, production control rooms, offices, as well as supporting facilities.

Construction work started on the Jadara University for Postgraduate Studies in Nu'aymah, 20 kilometers south of Irbid. The work is expected to be completed in the summer of 2006. (Source: The Jordan Times, November 20, 2005) 

The Greater Amman Municipality started work on the Fourth Circle Intersection. The project, which will be implemented in several stages, is expected to cost 7 million JD (10 million $US). (Source: al-Ra'i, November 22, 2005)

Construction work started on phase II of the 700-million JD (1-billion $US) Royal Village. The project is an investment of the Bahrain-based Gulf Finance House, in partnership with the Kuwait Finance and Investment Company. The Royal Village consists of over 1,000 residential units as well as commercial facilities, all located on a 46.85-hectare plot in the Marj al-Hamam area in Amman, along Airport Road. The development is part of the Royal Metropolis projects, which were initiated in August with the Jordan Gate project, located near the Sixth Circle in Amman. (Source: The Jordan Times, November 25, 2005)


 Completed Designs:

Arabtech-Jardaneh Consulting Engineers and Architects completed designs for a pharmaceutical plant in Algeria for al-Dar al-Arabiyya for Pharmaceutical Industries. The 8,667 square-meter project is located on a 1.01-hectare plot, and is expected to cost 5.68 million JD (8 million $US).

The Consolidated Consultants – Jafar Tukan Architect completed the master plan for the ESSA Compound in Luanda, Angola for Sonangol. The residential compound will be 19,000 square meters in area, and is estimated to cost 15.6 million JD (22 million $US).

The Consolidated Consultants – Jafar Tukan Architect completed designs for the President Arafat Mausoleum in Ramallah for the Palestinian Ministry of Public Works. The 6,500 square-meter project will consist of a mausoleum, a mosque, and landscaped gardens. 

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation completed designs for four dams to be constructed in various parts of the Kingdom within the coming few years. The ministry currently is constructing a number of dams including the 3.7-million JD (around 5.21-million $US) al-Wahda Dam, which is 70% complete. 80% of the costs of the project are being funded by the Arab Fund for Social and Economic Development, 10% by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, and 10% by the Jordanian government. The project is being implemented by the Consolidated Consultants in a joint venture with HARZA Engineering Company. (Source: al-Ghad, November 20, 2005)

The National Resources Investment and Development Corporation (MAWARED), in partnership with several national companies, announced the completion of designs for Madinat al-Sharq in Zarqa. The project is divided amongst six construction phases, the first of which covers 250 hectares or 10% of the project's total 2,500-hectare area. Previously known as the Zarqa New Garden City, Madinat al-Sharq is intended to provide housing for 500,000 inhabitants by the year 2025. The project replaces the military camps in Zarqa with a new residential city served by a network of commercial, cultural, entertainment, and various public facilities. The commercial facilities will include offices, restaurants, shops, open commercial plazas, and recreational areas. Local companies participating in the project along with MAWARED are al-Qabas Real Estate Development Company, Madaen al-Nour Real Estate Investment and Development Company, the Land Investment Company, and the Development and Investment Projects Fund. (Source: The Jordan Times, November 29, 2005)


 New Commissions

The Greater Amman Municipality and Bonyan International Investment Group signed a partnership agreement for the construction of five residential and commercial towers in Amman. The municipality provided a 5.8-hectare plot near the King Hamad Forest along Airport Road valued at 12 million JD (17 million $US) for the project. The towers, which are intended as the highest in the region, will be 35 to 45 floors high and will include apartments and tourism facilities. The project, which is expected to cost 400 million JD (around 563 million $US), will be implemented within three years. (Source: The Jordan Times, November 20, 2005

The Hashemite University commissioned al-Qasim Contracting Company to construct a medical complex for its Faculty of Medicine, which will start accepting students in the 2006 / 2007 academic year. The 37,000 square-meter complex is expected to cost 11.5 million JD (around 16.2 million $US), and is scheduled for completion within 810 days of construction commencement. (Source: al-Ghad, November 22, 2005)

Saraya Jordan announced it will establish Saraya Dead Sea project, which is expected to cost 500 million JD (around 700 million $US). The project, which will be similar in size to the Saraya Aqaba project, will include hotels, as well as residential and commercial facilities. (Source: al-Ra'i, November 28, 2005)



Architect Ammar Khammash held an art exhibition at Zara Gallery in Amman. The exhibition, which is entitled Exploded Space, featured 37 of Khammash’s paintings. (Source: al-Ghad, November 25, 2005)


 Other News:

The Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE) published a book on the work of Jordanian architect Sahel Al Hiyari entitled Sahel Al Hiyari Projects. The book is authored by Sahel Al Hiyari and Mohammad al-Asad, with an introduction by Prizker winner Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza.

A study by Tanmiyat Investment Group shows that foreign investment in Jordan over the past decade amounted to 4.615 billion JD (6.5 billion $US). The study also indicates that the Jordanian economy has grown by 7% during the past year. This growth is connected to the considerable number of real estate development projects that Arab and foreign investors are implementing primarily in Amman and Aqaba, and along the Dead Sea shore. (Source: al-Ra'i, November 6, 2005

The Department of Antiquities unearthed a large number of historical remains and artifacts in the central Jordan Valley region. The findings include statues, caves, dolmen, and circular buildings from the Stone Age up to the Islamic era. (Source: The Jordan Times, November 20, 2005)

The Architectural and Engineering Forum was officially announced. The forum is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization that aims at enhancing the professional capabilities and competitiveness of its members, and enabling them to develop their capacities at exporting architectural and engineering services. The founders of the forum are: Meisa Batayneh of Med Design International, Said Abu Jaber of the Consolidated Consultants for Engineering and the Environment, Izzat al-Sajdi of the Consulting Engineering Center, Rasem Badran of Dar al-Omran, Izz al-Din Katkhuda of the Arab Center for Engineering Studies, Hani Haqqi of Sigma Consulting Engineers, and Bisher Jardaneh of Arabtech-Jardaneh Consulting Engineers and Architects. The members of the forum consist of architectural and engineering offices and companies.