Arid Landscaping Resource Packet

Prepared by CSBE Team, 2005


This packet contains publications (brochures, booklets, information sheets, …) addressing the field of arid landscaping. The publications primarily consist of materials produced by institutions involved in the field of arid landscaping in the state of Arizona such as the University of Arizona and the Arizona Native Plants Society. The publications included in this packet have been compiled by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE), and are based on publications presented to CSBE by the University of Arizona arid landscaping team that visited Jordan during the period from May 23 to June 1, 2001. The team members are Richard G. Brittain, Assistant Research Professor, School of Architecture; Val L. Little, Manager, Water Conservation Alliance of Southern Arizona; and Margaret Livingston, Assistant Professor, School of Landscape Architecture. During their visit, the team members gave a two-day workshop entitled The Principles and Practices of Arid Landscaping, as well as a number of public presentations.*

The publications in this resource packet are divided into two volumes according to the following divisions:

Volume I

1. Landscape Design
2. Xeriscaping (1)
3. Xeriscaping (2)
4. Native Plants
5. Caring for Plants

Volume II

6. Pests and Diseases
7. Soils
8. Irrigation
9. Water Harvesting
10. Articles Providing Case Studies Relating to Water Conservation in Residential Architecture
11. Water Conservation Ordinances & Water Conservation Awareness
12. References

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 * The visit of the University of Arizona team was organized by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE) and WEPIA (Water Efficiency and Public Information for Action), a joint project of USAID (United States Agency for International Development) and the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation. Additional support was provided by the American Center, A. R. Jardaneh and Sons, and Darat al-Funun – The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.

Volume I:

 1. Landscape Design:

Basic elements of Landscape Architectural Design (excerpts from book).
Landscaping, what is your design style? (information sheet).

 2. Xeriscaping (1):

Xeriscape (booklet).
Converting to Xeriscape (booklet).
Visions of Xeriscape (brochure).
Xeriscape’s Zoned Planting (information sheet).
Smartscape: Soils, Plants & Water (information sheet).
Basic Water Management Tips (information sheet).
Steps for Estimating Savings from Landscape Conversions (information sheet).

 3. Xeriscaping (2):

Desert Accent Plants (brochure).
Desert Bird Gardening (brochure).
Desert Butterfly Gardening (brochure).
Desert Grasses (brochure).
Desert Ground Covers and Vines (brochure).
Desert Shrubs (brochure).
Desert Trees (brochure).
Desert Wildflowers (brochure).
Low Water Use Plants for Butterfly Gardens (information sheet).
Low Water Use Plants for Wildlife (information sheet).
Xeriscape Color (information sheets).
Rabbit Resistant Plant List (information sheet).
Plant Palettes for Xeriscaping (information sheets).
Low Water Use / Drought Tolerant Plant List (information sheets).
Low Water Use / Drought Tolerant Plant List, Allergy edition (information sheets).
Plant Selection and Selecting Your Plants (information sheets).
Plant Selection List (information sheets).
Plants for the Desert Southwest (booklet).
Salt Tolerant Plants for Tucson (information sheet).
Trees for Tucson, Global Relief (brochure).
Xeriscape: Nature’s Choice of Landscape (information sheets).

 4. Native Plants:

Arizona Native Plant Society (information sheet)
Arizona Native Plants (excerpts from book)
Native Plant Preservation (excerpts from book)
Threats to Arizona’s Native Species: Buffel Grass (information sheet).
Threats to Arizona’s Native Species: Fountain Grass, (information sheet).

 5. Caring for Plants:

Care of Desert Adapted Plants (brochure).
Desert Adapted Plants (information sheets).
Planting Guidelines: Container Trees & Shrubs (information sheets).
Plant Water Requirements (information sheets).
Pruning Digest for Landscape Plants (information sheets).
Fertilization Digest for Southern Arizona Gardeners (information sheets)
General Pruning Techniques for Landscape Trees (information sheets).
How to Prune your Shade Trees (information sheets).
Turfgrass Management for Water Conservation in Arizona (information sheet).
Dispelling Common Horticultural Myths (information sheets).