Plant Lists - Seedlings available at the Forestry Department nurseries

The Forestry Department at the Ministry of Agriculture operates thirteen nurseries in Jordan. These nurseries are major providers of seedlings for both public and private-sector institutions. In addition, they offer seedlings free-of-charge for private, non-commercial use.

 Forestry Department Nurseries:

  • 'Ain al-Fayyadh Nursery, telephone: (03) 235 1193

  • 'Ain Jamla Nursery, telephone: (02) 633 9963

  • 'Aqraba Nursery (no telephone number)

  • Al-Faisal Nursery, telephone: (02) 635 1061

  • Al-Khaledeyyah Nursery, telephone: (02) 625 6785

  • Al-Shobak Nursery, telephone: (03) 216 4389

  • Al-Tawwaneh Nursery, telephone: (03) 224 3854

  • Al-Wala Nursery, telephone: (05) 321 6100

  • Aqaba Nursery (no telephone number)

  • Dair 'Alla Nursery, telephone: (05) 357 3002

  • Ohda Nursery (no telephone number)

  • Wadi Shu'aib Nursery, telephone: (05) 352 0648

  • Yajuz Nursery, telephone: (06) 523 2445

List of seedlings available at the Forestry Department nurseries

Botanical name Acacia arabica
English common name __
Arabic common name السنط العربي، أكاشيا عربية           
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Acacia cyanophylla
English common name Mimosa
Arabic common name السنط الأزرق، أكاشيا سيانوفيلا 
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Acacia farnesiana
English common name Sweet Acacia
Arabic common name عنبر
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Acacia raddiana
English common name Spiraled Acacia
Arabic common name أكاشيا إشعاعية 
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Acacia tortilis
English common name Umbrella Thorn
Arabic common name السمر
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Acacia seyal
English common name ___
Arabic common name أكاشيا سيال، الطلح  
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Acer negundo
English common name Box Elder
Arabic common name ايسر
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Achillea fragrantissima
English common name Sweet-Smelling Lavender Cotton
Arabic common name قيصوم
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Ailanthus glandulosa
English common name Tree of Heaven
Arabic common name لسان الطير
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Albizia lebbeck
English common name Lebbeck
Arabic common name ألبيزيا لبغ
 drought tolerant

Botanical name Alnus orientalis
English common name ___
Arabic common name جار الماء 
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Amygdalus communis
English common name Bitter Almond
Arabic common name لوز بري    
Remarks drought tolerant; native; always mixed with Amygdalus
korschinskii, another almond native to south Jordan

Botanical name Arbutus andrachne
English common name Grecian Strawberry Tree
Arabic common name قطلب
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Artemesia herba-alba var. Artemesia sieberi
English common name Herba-Alba Wormwood
Arabic common name شيح
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Atriplex halimus
English common name Saltbush
Arabic common name قطف ملحي
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Atriplex nummularia
English common name Old Man Saltbush
Arabic common name قطف استرالي
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Atriplex semibaccata
English common name Orache
Arabic common name قطف أمريكي
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Azadriachta indica
English common name Neem
Arabic common name نيم
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Bauhinia variegate
English common name Purple Orchid Tree
Arabic common name خف الجمل
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Brachychiton populeneus
English common name Bottle Tree
Arabic common name بدة العفريت
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Casuarina equisetifolia
English common name Australian Pine
Arabic common name كازورينا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Celtis australis
English common name Nettle Tree, Honeyberry
Arabic common name ميس
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Ceratonia siliqua
English common name Carob
Arabic common name خروب
Remarks drought tolerant; native.

Botanical name Cercis siliquastrum
English common name Judas Tree, Redbud
Arabic common name زمزريق، سرسس
Remarks drought tolerant; native.

Botanical name Colutea istria
English common name ___
Arabic common name سيسبان
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Crataegus azarolus
English common name Hawthorn
Arabic common name زعرور
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Cupressus arizonica
English common name Arizona Cypress
Arabic common name سرو فضي
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Cupressus macrocarpa
English common name Monterey Cypress
Arabic common name سرو عطري
Remarks drought tolerant.

Botanical name Cupressus 'pyramidalis'
English common name Italian Cypress
Arabic common name سرو
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Dalbergia sisso
English common name Rosewood
Arabic common name دلبرجيا، ثيثم
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Delonix regia
English common name Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant Tree
Arabic common name بونسيانا، الجميل
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Dodonea viscosa
English common name Hop Bush
Arabic common name ديدونيا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Duranta plumieri
English common name Sky Flower
Arabic common name دورنتا
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Elaeagnus angustifolia
English common name Russian Olive
Arabic common name زيزفون
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Eucalyptus camaldulensis
English common name Red River Gum
Arabic common name كينا
Remarks extensive root systems will outcompete nearby plants for water

Botanical name Haloxylon persicum
English common name Salt Tree
Arabic common name الغضا
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Jacaranda mimosifolia
English common name Jacaranda
Arabic common name جكرندا
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Juniperus phoenica
English common name Phoenician juniper
Arabic common name عرعر فينيقي
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Laurus nobilis
English common name Sweet Bay
Arabic common name غار
Remarks water consuming; native

Botanical name Ligustrum japonicum
English common name Japanese Privet
Arabic common name لوجستروم
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Melia azederach
English common name China-Berry
Arabic common name زنزلخت
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Moringa optera
English common name ___
Arabic common name اليسر، البان
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Myrtus communis
English common name Myrtle
Arabic common name ريحان، آس
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Nerium oleander
English common name Oleander
Arabic common name دفلة
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Olea europaea
English common name Olive
Arabic common name زيتون
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Parkinsonia aculeata
English common name Jerusalem Thorn
Arabic common name بركنسونيا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Phoenix dactylifera
English common name Date Palm
Arabic common name نخيل البلح
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Pinus brutia
English common name Turkish Pine
Arabic common name صنوبر قبرصي، بروتيا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Pinus canariensis
English common name Canary Island Pine
Arabic common name صنوبر كناري
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Pinus halepensis
English common name Aleppo Pine
Arabic common name صنوبر حلبي
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Pinus pinea
English common name Italian Stone Pine
Arabic common name صنوبر مثمر
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Pistacia atlantica
English common name Betoum
Arabic common name بطم أطلسي
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Pistacia palaestina
English common name Wild Pistachio
Arabic common name بطم فلسطيني
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Platanus orientalis
English common name Oriental Plane
Arabic common name دلب
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Prosopis julifora var. glandulosa
English common name Texas Honey Mesquite
Arabic common name سلم أخضر
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Pyrus amygdaliformis
English common name Wild Pear
Arabic common name أجاص بري
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Quercus aegliops
English common name Valonian Oak
Arabic common name بلوط الملول
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Quercus coccifera var. Quercus calliprinos
English common name Kermes Oak, Common Oak
Arabic common name بلوط، سنديان
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Quercus ilex
English common name Holly Oak
Arabic common name بلوط الزينة
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Quercus infectoria
English common name Aleppo Oak
Arabic common name البلوط الكبير
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Retama raetam
English common name White Broom
Arabic common name رتم
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Rhamnus palaestina
English common name Palestine Buckthorn
Arabic common name السويد الفلسطيني
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Rhizinus officinalis
English common name Castor Tree
Arabic common name خروع
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Rhus coriaria
English common name Elm-leaved Sumac
Arabic common name سماق
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Rhus tripartita
English common name___
Arabic common name العرن, العرينة
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Robinia psuedoacacia
English common name Black Locust
Arabic common name روبينيا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Salsola vermiculata
English common name Worm Leaf
Arabic common name روثا  
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Salvadora persica
English common name Salvadora
Arabic common name سواك، أراك
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Simmondsia chinesis
English common name Jojoba
Arabic common name هوهوبا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Sophora japonica
English common name Japanese Pagoda Tree
Arabic common name صوفورا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Styrax japonica
English common name Japanese Storax
Arabic common name سينورا
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Styrax officinalis
English common name Storax Tree
Arabic common name عبهر
Remarks drought tolerant; native

Botanical name Tecomaria capensis
English common name Cape Honeysuckle
Arabic common name تيكوماريا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Thuja orientalis
English common name Oriental Arborvitae, Biota
Arabic common name ثويا
Remarks water consuming

Botanical name Washingtonia filifera
English common name Washingtonia, Fan Palm
Arabic common name واشنتونيا
Remarks drought tolerant

Botanical name Ziziphus spina-christi
English common name Jujube
Arabic common name سدر
Remarks drought tolerant; native