Adding to the map:

If you feel like there are murals or other works of street art that you feel should be added to the map, please carry out the following:

1.      Photograph the work of art.

2.      If you’re using your smart-phone, open Google Maps and hold your finger over the location of the mural. A place-marker will pop out.  

3.      Press on the name that comes up and an info-box will expand.

4.      Record the location’s latitude and longitude, which will appear in decimal format (e.g.: 31.988892, 39.339009)

5.      Record as much information about the mural. The information we normally look for consists of the artist’s name, the name of the work, and its date (the year is enough).

6.      Send the information you record to with the subject line “Amman Street Art Information” along with your full name so we may provide the appropriate credit to you.