Rehabilitation Project for the Grounds of the Adasiyyah Girls’ School

This project is connected to the 2003 CSBE Graywater Reuse Project that was implemented for the Adasiyyah Girls’ School in the village of Adasiyyah in the Jordan Valley. This activity was carried out in coordination with the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Habitat for Humanity (HFH). It aimed at upgrading the school grounds through a process that involved carrying out interactive discussion sessions and design workshops with the school’s students and their teachers.

Through these discussion sessions, the students and teachers expressed a need for improving the school’s seating areas, planting hedges that provide for visual privacy, and constructing a retaining wall to shield the school play area from soil erosion. Interactive design sessions were then organized, ending up with the implementation process, which was carried out through the active participation of the school community.   

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