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One of the most effective ways of saving water in gardens is to choose plants with low water needs. This section provides a list of some drought tolerant ornamental plants available in nurseries around Jordan. These plants include shrubs, vines, groundcovers, perennials, and succulents that have attractive flowers or fruits, and that are suitable for both small and large gardens.

Ornamental plants serve a variety of uses in gardens. They reduce dust and control erosion. They also provide green cover, and add an element of visual interest through their colors, textures, and forms. Large shrubs and vines also serve to define outdoor spaces and to provide shelter or shade.

Remember to group plants with similar water needs together to allow for more efficient irrigation. Also, when choosing plants for a garden, it is advised to use plants with different flowering seasons so that the garden would be in bloom throughout the year. In addition, one can take advantage of what is known as accent plants. These are plants with special characteristics that attract attention due to their flowering color, leaf texture, height, or form, and usually are used to provide a focal point to a particular grouping of plants.

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