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Trees are essential elements in water conserving gardens. They provide shade, screen areas for privacy, and create microclimates with lower temperatures. Different trees serve different functions. For example, plant trees with large canopies in outdoor living spaces to provide adequate shade. On the other hand, use evergreen trees to provide effective windbreaks and screens for privacy.

Trees also can serve to reduce summer heat in buildings when planted along the building’s western façade, where they block the harsh afternoon summer sun. Moreover, planting deciduous trees along southern facades filters sunrays during the summer, but lets the sun in during the winter.

There are trees with particularly impressive characteristics embodied in their flowers, leaf texture, or form. These trees are known as specimen trees and can be planted alone or in-groups, usually in the most important areas of the garden.

The trees included in the following list are suitable for both small and large gardens, as well as in parks and along roads. The list includes information that will help you select the trees that best serve your needs.

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